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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  December 19, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> alan: alame creek in fremont, bulging at the seams. a couple of inches of water accumulated at this redwood city trailer park. this is one of several trees that came down overnight.
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this is the top of the tram at heenly ski resort, where is really comg down tonight. if you're goingake tahoe, chains are a must. let's get started with leigh glaser. who is following the system on live doppler 7hd. >> leigh: most of the heavy rain thatoved through this morning has push into southern california, where we have new band of showers. th're not widespread, scattered, but if you get caught in one of these, you can expect moderate rains. and check out this new band of heavy rain now starting to move in toward point reyes. tiburon reporting rain, moving over the golden gate bridge, and ean beach and san francisco will definitely get hit as well as albany. you can see moisture starting to move in towards the walnut creek area, and all of this will continue off and on this evening. boy, did we get some rain thi
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morning. check out these 24-hour rainfall tals. oakland, close to an inch and half. a new rainfall record for you guys for today. much othe bay area, over an inch, and over three inches in some areas. so the heavy rain depositing a lot of moisture across the bay area. how much more? we look at the seven-day forecast coming up. >> alan: now that you've seen the storm-toppled trees. and we're in oakland where a tree came down on the top of a house. >> reporter: you can see behd me that tree is still out here on top of this house. the people who live here, this storm brought nothing but headaches today, but for some others we met, this rain means a day's work and apaycheck that comes th it. >> it's just another day at the office for stream observer mike mullen. >> this is a good day for you.
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>> actually, yes, and it pays the bills. >> reporter: pays the bills, and the muddy samples tells geologist if there will be clogged storm drains in the runoff to the bay. e only way to get the job done right means he has to dang until the air i the rain. >> itsas swinging the cable car back and forth. makes for quite an adventure sometimes. >> reporter: he wasn't the only one o had an adventure, thanks to the day's rain. ere were rockslides. wet roads. and in oakland, this. >> it was really, loud. report report that's -- >> reporter: that's what nate boyd heard from his bedroom. his friends were in the front room. >> thank god they're alived and november injured. there's a branch that is sitting on my living room floor, like a clean fell throwsm not -- fell
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through. >> the tree smash through the exproof on to the chim in -- chimney. these are the photos from the inside. the hole in the roof and she smashed television set are the least of boyd's worrie >> i knew signs heard the noise, tree was coming down. just didn't know where it was going to land, and hoped it didn't land on my friends. >> reporter: they're all very lucky. four adults an a baby were home when the tree came crashing down. they're not sure where they're gog to be spending the night tonight. they'rvery thankful they all made it out safely today. abc-7 news. >> alan: there are hundreds of people in the bay area without power tonight. pg&e0s outage map shows the area dotted with outages. therwere larger outages in oaand, walnut creek and san
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rafael. looking aroundhe rest of the bay ea, the wind was too much for a large tree in hillsboro. it did some damage to a house. pg&e crews had to block off a ction of the roadway. eaier, high winds knocked over a tree and a power pole just south ofoint reyes on highway flooding was a problem for drivers in mill valley near the 101 offramp. and tricky driving in san francisco this morning. a small tree came down on upper market stree that's in the eureka valley area the tree didn't hit any cars or block traffic, but it was still pain for drers coming around the curve on market. >> the u.s. fores service is issuing an avalanche warning east of immigrant gap. the warning is for backcountry area outside of develop city
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areas. snow has been falling two to four inches per hour. north star has 113 inches squaw valley has up to 103 inches. and heavenly mountain resort claims they have up to 154. almost 13 feet. getting back to the snow can hazardous, and this is the caltrans camera at kivale. chains are required over donor and echo summit. b.a.r.t.s running behind schedule bause of a problem that briefly shut down the transbay tube. lillian kim joins us live from theest oakland station. >> reporter: the problem began at 1:4p.m. when a b.a.r.t. train operator spotted smoke in the transbay tube. whilee were at the station, w saw some smoke coming out of a tunnel. it was noticeable, even an hour after the smoke was first
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reported. emergency crews we dispatched to 30 and 32 in oakland, the access point to the transbay tube. the problem appears to be with an insulator. for 50 minutes the tube was shut down, but b.a.r.t. has re-opened one side of the tube. riders are able to get to either side of the bay, but with only one track in patience it's taking longer. some home have had to wait up to an hour. >> it happens sometimes. so, it's okay. an adventure. >> friend's 90th birthday party. not going to get there in time. if i do, he may be gone. >> our crews are down inside the transbay tube, and they found whatppears to be preliminary anywherery an insulator problem. that's the piece of equipment that holds the electric third rail that supplies power to the train. separated it from the grnd. and so the insulator had what
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they believe, preliminari, is mineral buildup. >> reporter: so, the only line operation going to and from san francisco is the pittsburg bapoint lied. riders are advised to add at least 25inutes to their trip. b.a.r.t. estimates the delays will continue through the night. they hope to have the problem fixed efore the morning commute. lillian kim, abc-7 news. >> alan: tensions are mounting on the korn peninsula tonigh the threat from nth korea if e south moves forwardith plans to conduct live firing drills. also, a month after a d-term election defeat,he senate is handing the president some big victories this weekd. an east coast city that is making a serious run to wrestle away the america's cup from san francisco. [ female announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart... and this ia warm, fresh baked strawberry toaster sudel.
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>> alan: officls from the u.n. security council met tod in an emergency session to diffuse growing tension between north and south korea. the meeting was called after china and russia expressed concern for south korea's plan conduct another live-fire drill inhe next few hours. a month ago the north shelled the same island, killing four people. north koa warned of catastrophe if the south goes ahead with drills, saying it would strike back harder than last month. residents have been told to move to air raid bunkers. >> the u.s. senate convened for a rare weekend session. most of the day was spent bating a new arms control treaty with russia, with final approval of the so-calledt trea. here's david curley report after legislative victories on the tax bill and repealin the "don't ask, don tell" poll circumstce president obama has his eyes on a third prize, probably his biggest. >> ratying a treaty like start
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n't about winning a victory for the administration or political. it's about the safety and security of the united states. >> reporter: the proposed arms control treaty with russia, cutting nuclear warheads on each side, would be a feather in mr. obama's cap. reblicans opposing the treaty claim i would restrict u.s. efforts to develop an antimissile system. >> the verication provisions ar enat quid and -- inadequate. >> what are we doing here on a sunday afteron? >> the was a flawed process and a flawed treaty. >> reporter: the white house is still celebrating saturday's repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. >> it's a great day for this country. a great day for our history. >> reporter: for the fir tiernlg gays and lesbian can serve openly. margaret wit was once a flight nurse.
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she was discharged when it was learned she was a lesbian. the pentagon must certify that ending "don't ask, don tell" won't adversely affect the military and then wait for 60 days. president obama is hoping for another christma gift from capitol hill, new start treaty. >> alan: there's been a possible bump in the road in san francisco's effort to host the america's cup. tomorrow, officials in newport, rhode island, plan to present a letter expressing the city's interest in hosting the race. america'cup organizers say they're still studying san francisco' bid while exploring other cities. the original bid was deemed too financially risky, and the board of supervisors has revised it. we showed you the snow in the sear. a -- sierra. it's also snowing in europe. this is paris. an as for the forecast, leigh
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glaserill tell us what to expect as we head into christmas. >> mike: the raiders are still alive in the playoff hunt as they hold down tim tebow and his broncos.
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>> alan: winter has arrived in europe andhere's a fresh coating of snow on the grod in paris. one of the snowiest seasons on record in france. 40% of all flights were cancelled. they're also cancellations in germany, london and am kerr -- amsterdam. tomorrow, the only lunar he clips tomorrow night. coincides with the winter solstice. the rst time it's happened since 1554. the full moon pass through the show created by the earth, blocking the sun's light. some indirect sunlight will pass through and give the hoop a -- moon ghostly color. starts tomorrow night at 11:41 and should raft -- laughs 3-1/2
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hos. will we be able to see it? >> leigh: weight. we're seeing some partial clearingn some lotions tonight, and we may see the same thing tomorrow night. so keep our finrs cross. showing you the high definition camera on the golden gate bridge. take a look at live doper 7hd. it's dry right now. but if you blink, the rain will be moving in. you can see mo of the heavy rain has moved into southern california. still have some scattered showers. and this band of showers starting to move in, tiburon, moderate rain, starting to engulf much of the golden gat bridge. and will in the next few minutes. and moderate rain in richnd and moraga reporng rain night now. alof this is moving from north to south. here's a look at highlights for
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you. we continue with a chance of showers overnight tonight. al, look at colder air moving . the possibility of maybe a little bit of thunder, maybe a few lightning strikes. showers will pick up again tomorrow, and then heavy rain will return mid-week, and then a nice break thursday and friday. lows tonig, with the colder air mass shrinking down, this is six, seven, hours ago when the moderate rain moved across the bay area, and the pool of moisture continuin to feed in. all of this started to push towards the south into southern calirnia. you can clearly see the pressure clearing in the north bay, and this will continue as th moisture plume pushes towards th south tonight. tomorrow, it will move back up towards the north. so, this is why we have been getting these breaks. as the heavy rain is over, and then it moves south, and then moves back north.
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we have a low here, and it's going to bring us quleaf rain as we head into wednesday. overnight tonight, continue with attered showers, some poets of clear here and there out ther but tomorrow morning, as that moisture plume moves to the north again, we'll see the moderate rain start to break out. heavy rain off and on throughout e course of your monday, and then by late tomorrow afternoon, even tomorrow night, it's starting to thin out. so we mit be able to see part of the eclipse tomorrow evening inch the sierra, the snow total still piling up. some of the moisture is starting to abate. only eig to 16 inches at lake level tomorrow. strong gusts, close to 55 miles-per-hour, two tthree feet of new snow above the 7,000-foot level. chains definitely required on the passes. the highs for monday, pockets of moderate rain in the 50s across the bay area. rgan hill, 56.
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th accuweather seven-day forest changed a few things, depending how the jet stream moves. winter arres on tuesday, few lingeringhers, rain heavy at times on wednesd. this is a nice break for thursday a friday, then for christmas day looks like the rain will return and could be heavy at times. so, hopefully we'll gate few breaksomorrow night and be ab to see the sky. >> alan: the raiders got a break. too glad we couldn't see it. it was blacked out. >> mike: they haven't en to the playoffs since the last lunar eclipse. the raiders are now 5-0 in dision play but still nee he. bronco quarterback tim tebow making his first career start, and the raiders put him in the hole from the get-go. the fst offensive play, ford on the revemplets -- reverse. he covers 71 yards in a herry. tebow would answer some critics
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toy.y. dismird 24 from the four. he takes off. straight up the middle. rushed for 78 yards. game tied at 7. later in the first, more from tebow, this time his arm. deep to lloyd. stays inund. great catch. 14-7 denver. the raiders answer, michael bush, one yard out. 14-14, now in the fourth, raiders up thre campbell throws one out to reece, and the wide receiver tus fullback, makes a man miss and has all sorts of green, or mud in front of himself goes 73-yard. the raiders are up. now raiders up nine. campbell rolls right. 158 total yards for darren today. michael bush would ice it. raiders are now 7-7, keeping thr playoff hopes alive with a victory. >> going to keep playing hopefully we can win and get some help. >> it's go be in the position, i wish we was in better position.
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but still be in the fight, still be in the hundred. we've agn a long ways. >> the whole goal is to somow get a chance at this thing, and we let last week slip away so all we can do is take care of us and do our part. >> mike: 49ers lost thursday night so they need the rams and the seahawks to toe -- lose today to keep the playoff hopes alive. yes, playoff hopes. matt cassel after an a an pen deck my -- appendectomy last week. in the fourth, after st. louis cut it to 20-1 jones, two yard out, chiefs stay in the driver's seat ithe afc west. ers stay alive for the playfs. kc wins. >> the fall -- falcons doing the niners a favor, routing seattle,
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clinching a playoff spot. eagles and giants battling for first in the nfc east. eagles trail by 21. michael vick lead them bac it's jeremy maclin. scores, game tied at 31. ten seconds left. giants forced to punt. they kick it to form star jackson. bobble it, scoops it up. are you kidding me? he is gone. 65-yard. a walkf punt return for a touchdow eagles stun the giants, 38-31, taking the lead in the nfc east. wo after being denied her 800th 800th career victory, the stanford cardinals are hoping to clch today against tennessee. trying to join an elite club of four. stanford trailed by 14. the cardinals stormed back. stford up three.
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the lady vols answer. simmons, three of her own. tied at 70. heed to overtime. tennessee with control in ot. cain misses the free throw, her own rebound and the putback. rit now, tenneee leads 77-70 in o.t. >> uconn women going for theirle 8-inch win, tying john wooden in wins. hayes two of her 26. uconn up 12. second have. ma moore. catholicking her way -- carving her way through the line. it's 88 raight for uconn. look to break the record tuesday against my florida state seminos. >> plays of the da at 11:00. though see you then. and there was some more. >> alan: and apparently people weren't too busy shopping to go to the movies. we show you the box office winners coming up. ♪
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